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User field customization settings

I have a base that allows my constituent departments to submit requests for communication/outreach production. Each department has an individually tailored interface so that the fields are customized to what they need and use regularly with departmen...

vldropps by 4 - Data Explorer
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Update Annual payment for each month base on conditions

I have Budget table which has cost field, variable cost, and month field (Jan to Dec). Cost field has some default amount. Variable cost field is editable which user should give some value(amount).Case 1:Cost | Variable | Jan | Feb | Mar | Apr | .......

Bharathy by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Record Review layout convert new to legacy

I am so disappointed in the updated Record Review layout. My team was satisfied with the filtering and sorting available with the legacy element-based record review layout. I am trying to find a way to customize an efficient arrangement of fields, bu...

Resolved! How to manage student weekly scores

Hello,We're an edtech startup for high school students.In addition to the in-app exams and quizzes, we also run offline exams in Telegram groups to mimic school exams (around 3 times a week).We send out a pdf to a group chat, and then each student so...

kareemt by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Create a database comparing multiple entities across time?

Hello,I'm trying to design a database that can accomplish the following:Aggregate data across several different entities (for example, cities).Aggregate data for each entity across different time periods (for example, years).Aggregate data for each e...

cmm2012 by 4 - Data Explorer
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Resolved! Any way for an editor to login and view only their assigned tasks?

Hi there!As I am fine tuning the AT bases for our team, I seem to be missing something rather important here and thought I would ask the community about it as it seems to be rather significant.As we create tasks and assign to our team members, we wou...

kujain by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Database for Dummies

Hello all!  I need some help please.  I can work spreadsheets all day long but database creations is not my forte, far from it.  I started using AT a few years ago to track my business whole goods by serial number.  Thankfully, someone helped me here...

Base Design for Marking & Viewing Attendance

Hi, Airtable community!I'd love to pick anyone's brains at how I've set up my base.The issue I'm trying to solve feels rather simple. I want to display my attendance record when it gets marked.My current set-up:I have two tables; One with a record of...

Page Designer - Various Pages for different table values

I have a table that has a column, lets call it Food. I want to create datasheets for the drop down options I have set up for the food column and I am looking for a way to cater a page set up based off what drop down option is selected. For example: T...