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Resolved! Pie Chart

I want to make a pie chart that i already know the % for. Can I do that?

RockChick by 4 - Data Explorer
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Resolved! Navigation in New Base

Very new user here.I have a simple base with one table and one form.  It is designed to add new people to a mailing list.  I created a form to add new records, and that seems to work fine.  Now I need to create a navigation.  I would like to see a si...

Ron_Mittelman by 6 - Interface Innovator
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Expert needed

I am looking for a developer who can help me set up and automate my real estate business on Airtable and integrate it with my facebook page

REMAX by 4 - Data Explorer
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Creating an overtime/hours in lieu tracker?

Hi everyone, I am a beginner and I'm quite overwhelmed with how everything works!  The templates I am finding don't seem to help with what I need. I'm wondering if anyone knows how to build a simple airtable base where each staff member on the team c...

411 by 4 - Data Explorer
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Link Existing Table to Form Input

First post here- I know I can easily build a form and connect results to Airtable- but can I connect a Form to an existing table for the user to select data from it? I have a table of workers by department with email address- I want the user to be ab...

DR-CI by 4 - Data Explorer
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Resolved! Line Item Support Help

Hello!This is my first post, so I hope I'm posting in the right place.I am trying to use Airtable as a production board for my company. When an order comes through Shopify, I have Zapier tell it to upload the information with Line Items, but my team ...

ebefort_DDP by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Resolved! "Days since last accident" type summary

Do you know how manufacturing facilities have a "days since last accident/injury/whatever" sign? I need to create something like that on a dashboard. I was hoping to be able to use the simple "summary" extension but I can't seem to figure out how to ...

Gunnell by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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