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Updating a lookup field

This is not so much a question as it is a request. I think the fact that having editable sync’s views is such a win in terms of cross base collaboration. I’m curious that why this is not achievable with lookups.  I often use parts of a sync’d based r...

Shared Personal-Use Database Between Two Users

Hello!I would like to figure out how to share a database between two users for personal use. The paid plans that allow for Airtable Sync are a bit too expensive for me to be able to justify for just this use, so I would like to understand what my oth...

Can Airtable solve this situation?

Here's the situation. I need a base with 4 tables. Each table has inventory for 4 different types of products. Data for each record includes descriptors including single and multi-selects, text and most importantly the # available. The inventory mana...

Combine individual and collective tasks into 1 Kanban

Dear AirTable community,I have just been recommended and discovered the amazing Airtable tool. But I am struggling structuring my team individual and transversal To Dos.In my team, each team member has its individual AirTable base "To Do [name]" and ...

celine by 4 - Data Explorer
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Syncing Tables, Task management

Hi! How many tables can a base store? over 100?Is there any way to sync tables within a base?I have 6-7 tables in a base that stores task templates (based on accounts that get managed by various people). Originally I synced them to another base but c...

Line Items

Can anyone recommend a way to close or lock a record with linked Line Items when needed? We have a table to create Purchase Orders and within the record, Line Items can be created.  These Line Items contain the actual purchase details such as qty/hou...

Rita_Spanu by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Resolved! Edit permission for specific row in a database

Hello! New to Airtable. Trying it out to see whether I can use it for a specific need I have. Scenario: Our community (of around 500 members) have a shared google sheet having each of our basic details. I have imported that to a airtable base. Questi...

varun by 4 - Data Explorer
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Look Up Records

I have a look up field set up with a condition, but i want multiple records that meet the same condition to also populate.  how do i do this?

Rita_Spanu by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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struggling to combine tables and create a summary

My goal is to combine 2 data tables into one, and then get a single output sum value for each "agent" within the respective table. Right now, when I combine the tables and syncing, I am getting limited or no data to transfer across. The goal would be...

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Weekly tasks calendar

Hello.I've been using airtable to create a database for equipment files in a research facility.Now I would like to use it to organize our team weekly tasks calendar. Some of these tasks are performed on equipment that is in my first database.We are a...