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4 - Data Explorer

I’m currently facing a challenge with syncing publish dates across different Airtable tables and bases and am looking for some guidance or a potential workaround.

Here's a breakdown of my workflow:
- I have two Airtable bases: "Marketing Campaigns" and "Content Marketing"; Campaign Managers work out of the "Marketing Campaigns", the content team works out of "Content Marketing"
- When a Campaign Manager adds a new campaign that includes "Blog" as one of their tactics, that "Blog" record is added to a view in "Marketing Campaigns" called "Blogs in Development"
- The "Blogs in Development" view in the "Marketing Campaigns" base is the source, and syncs to a "Blogs in Development table in the "Content Marketing" base 
- These records are then automatically added to another table called "Content in Progress" through an automation; this "Content in Progress" table is the content team's workflow/project tracker for all things content marketing
- I don't sync directly to the "Content in Progress" table simply because the content team needs to add and manage content marketing records and data sets outside of/in addition to blog records from the Campaign Managers

The challenge is that if the content team updates the publish date in their "Content in Progress" table, I wan tthis new date to reflect in the original "Marketing Calendar" base. 

I am looking for a solution that allows the "Content Marketing" team to update the publish date in their base, with these changes then automatically syncing back to the "Marketing Calendar" base.

Any suggestions on how to achieve, or is there an alternative method that I could employ to streamline this process?

Thank you in advance!

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