Air table shows different results on different accounts

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi, My boss has created this sheet. I manage airtable automations and things around it.

So whenever he opened the account from his side, the sheet results shows some of the incorrect values. But whenever I open Airtable from myside it always shows me the correct values in the sheet.

Attached are two screenshots of same table where you can see it is showing the red I marked showing different values.

I asked him to open with different account but still he has issues and I am not having it.

Please help, it's been a week we are having these issues. I have turned off all the automations but still this error doesn't resolve.

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Hello @iamnoumank 
Based on the images you've shared. 

First, consider these things.
Check both of us use the same views. if different views then check for record ID. Finding Airtable IDs | Airtable Support
If you've used the date field and it has different values like 1 day plus or minus in dates then use the same timezone for both of the users. Timezones and Locales In Airtable | Airtable Support

If there are any other issues then give access of your base to some expert and ask then to view all things.



No, you are incorrect.

Formulas always show the same results for all users.

Formulas do not change their results based on who is logged into the system.

The only difference might be a time zone difference, if you are displaying dates or times.

If you are looking to troubleshoot your formulas, then please post your formulas in this thread. 

{Billing Frequency} = '1st Of Each Month',
DAY({Last Paid For Date}) = 1,
DATEADD({Last Paid For Date}, 1, 'months'),
DATEADD(DATETIME_PARSE(DATETIME_FORMAT({Last Paid For Date}, 'YYYY-\r\nMM') & '-01'), 1, 'months')
{Billing Frequency} = 'Every 30 Days',
DATEADD({Last Paid For Date}, 30, 'days')
Here is the formulae I am using for a coumn, it shows correct results for some rows and for some it doesn't.