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How to give user permission only to tabs within a base

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Hi- are there any updates about this topic?

We want to share only some tabs with different people.



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Not sure what updates you are looking for.
Here are some options:
If the user needs only read-only access to a single table/view, you can use a shared view.
If the user needs read-only access to multiple tables, you can sync those tables to a new base and then share that new base.
If the user needs edit access, you can create an interface, include only those tables in the interface, and then give interface-only access. (Note that you would have to pay for each of those users.)

Then there is the whole world of third party portals...

Hi, thank you for the answer. So correct me if I'm wrong but I cannot "hide" a tab in the base and show it only to some people. Is it correct?