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Adding records to a linked table

I have a customer (athlete) table that is one row per customer. And a comms table, that logs when each customer posts something in our community (circle) via Zapier.Then, in the customer table I use a rollup to display the date of each customer's las...

andyh by 1 - Visitor
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Resolved! lookup - most recent entry

I have a 'customer' table (one row per customer - name, email etc), and I have a 'contact' table that records the date of every instance of a customer contacting us (customer ID, date of contact etc). How would I pull in 'date of contact' into the cu...

andyh by 1 - Visitor
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Displaying Diversity Data Using Pie Chart

I'm working on a project wherein I'm trying to display the diversity characteristics of several universities (50+). I have an existing base with a list of all the universities I'm studying with various facets as fields across (location, size, focus, ...

BlueOwl by 4 - Data Explorer
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Resolved! Counting format occurence in a linked table

Hello All.In table A I have all of my outbound communications listed. In this table there is a field called "Month Sent", this field is used to link table A & table B. Table B contains the aggregations of all the communications sent per month (Month ...

Beerain by 4 - Data Explorer
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Resolved! Redesigning bases and workspaces....

I am a newish user on a pro plan and in the 5 months i've been using Airtable i not only learned a lot but definitely have learned how to make more complicated tables and ways that our organization can use it. However, now that more of our operations...

Limi by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Summarize Data From Different Tables

I made a base to better track and manage nonprofit donations. I have 2 tables set up: 2022 and 2023, with a third table I want to use as a summary table. Each table has a donor name, gift date, and gift amount, among other irrelevant information, as ...

Form Use and Data Management for game design

Problem:I am a tabletop game designer.I am designing a game with many "units" that consist of 15 data points each (Name, attack value, etc).I am currently using Google Sheets, but one field of the data points (Ability) is in long form with bold, ital...

Resolved! Drawing from multiple columns to make new table or column

Perhaps this is an introduction/need for pivot tables. I have a form collecting multiple submissions per brewery. I'm trying to create a menu that could draw from a table that shows the summary of those 4 submissions per brewery.If I create pivot tab...