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Creating backlink field when a table is duplicated

Hi everyone.Ive got a table with about 8000 names in it,and this was quite happily linked to another table which has about 30 organisations in it. Totes awesome.Because of a change in the org, Ive needed to set up a new table with a lot of that data ...

CKARC by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Seeking Help to Improve Attendance Tracking for a School System

Hello Airtable Community,I'm in the process of transitioning from Google Sheets to Airtable to manage a dance school, with the aim of creating a more robust and streamlined system. I've successfully set up tables for students, classes, venues, staff,...

dondon by 4 - Data Explorer
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Creating or using fuzzy or wildcard dates

I want to create a field or use a field that will allow me to create "fuzzy dates".  I'm in a business where I want to create records containing a date field.  But, the date field sometimes needs to be flexible.  Sometimes, I know an exact date, like...

Linking to filtered groups within a view

Hello!I am working on an inventory project and have created a view that groups items by location (ie. bin 1, bin 2, bin 3). I would like to make QR codes for each bin that you can scan and view its contents. I was wondering if it's possible to genera...

Resolved! SUM fields in a table based on week number in another table.

Beginner here, asking a question which has no doubt been asked a lot and probably has a simple, obvious answer! Apologies in advance...I have one table containing all of our customer bookings. In this table there is a formula field that takes the dat...

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