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Pivot Table Sum does not match Grid View Sum

I have an automation that when we add a project, it creates 15 linked records on an Expense table. Each record on this table is tagged as a different stage expense. I then have 15 or so rollup fields pulling in the different dates from the linked pro...

Pivot table sum does not match grid view

What could be causing the Pivot Table extension to have a different sum than the grid view the pivot table is pulling from?I have a table with 35K records. Each record is tagged as an expense payment or a revenue collection. I then have a view called...

Resolved! Drawing from multiple columns to make new table or column

Perhaps this is an introduction/need for pivot tables. I have a form collecting multiple submissions per brewery. I'm trying to create a menu that could draw from a table that shows the summary of those 4 submissions per brewery.If I create pivot tab...

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