Pivot Table Sum does not match Grid View Sum

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

I have an automation that when we add a project, it creates 15 linked records on an Expense table. Each record on this table is tagged as a different stage expense. I then have 15 or so rollup fields pulling in the different dates from the linked project (using MIN(values)) and total values of each stage's expense. Then I have 2 formula fields:

- Date, which checks the tagged stage and pulls in corresponding date using a switch formula

- Expense, which checks the tagged stage and pulls in corresponding expense using a switch formula

For some reason, when I pull in all 35K records, the pivot table is giving very different sum total than the grid view. I think it has to do with the date field possibly. IS there something I have to do when pulling in a rollup date field into a formula field so that pivot tables read it correctly?

I verified the grid view filters on the date field work, and exporting it to CSV into Excel pivot table resulted in same correct sums as the AT grid view. It is only the unfiltered Pivot Table that is not working.

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