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7 - App Architect
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Is there a setting to only receive notifications if someone is "@" ?Currently seems like in our interface, once you get an "@", you are permanently watching that comment thread for all future comments. we do NOT want that. so ... Is there a setting t...
I have about 30 measurement fields, 15 in Imperial, and 15 in metric.I am trying to make it so that individuals can enter EITHER imperial OR metric, and an automation would magically convert and update other field.Is there a way to do this in a singl...
I have a Base with below:Table A = CollectionsTable B = ProjectsTable C = Dept 1 Sub TasksTable D = Dept 2 Sub TasksTable E = Dept 3 Sub TasksTable F = Dept 4 Sub TasksWe create Projects and Collections, with Linked Records.When a Project is added, i...
I have a dashboard using a Timeline view. Add records is enabled. I can click on the plus button to add a record, but the dates are always odd and not reflective of where I am in the timeline. But if I try to do the click and drag to add the record d...
I changed a text field to a single select field.This field has many options (maybe 100+), but I wanted to ensure that similar entries are same spelling and that when creating filters in views we can select multiple options (using "is any of") instead...