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Air table shows different results on different accounts

Hi, My boss has created this sheet. I manage airtable automations and things around it.So whenever he opened the account from his side, the sheet results shows some of the incorrect values. But whenever I open Airtable from myside it always shows me ...

iamnoumank by 4 - Data Explorer
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Delete or disable database snapshots from an active base?

Would it be possible to disable database snapshots, delete/clear out database snapshots, or configure snapshots to ignore specific fields?The way database snapshots currently function undermine any meaningful data deletion or redaction strategy for a...

Linked Record - editing the displayed fields

I have a screenshot above where the linked record displays Tags and Employee ONLY. I discovered that they normally pull the displayed fields from the primary view of the table. However, I already checked my Tasks table but I really cant find the view...

mikeeTHINK by 4 - Data Explorer
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Bases Showing as Reaching Record Limits

I have several bases that I have removed nearly all the data and they still show as reaching plan limits or over limits. Even when I duplicated them and remove ALL THE DATA from the base it shows as over limits.This is making my DB's unusable and I c...

kpKAZZ by 4 - Data Explorer
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Moving Bases with many dependencies across Workspaces

I have a target base in a Workspace that is synced to several other bases all in one separate workspace. If I move this target base into the same workspace as the others, will this cause any issues with syncing or interface design?