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JIRA Cloud Sync Issue

Hi all,Wondering if any one has experience of syncing Airtable with JIRA Cloud, I've setup a sysnc'd table in Airtable to pul our service desk data so I can build a dashboard, however some of our custom fields have not been pulled though one example ...

Synced Table Missing Data

Dear Helpful People, I have one base ("Base A") set up to sync to a second base ("Base B") and it was working fine until about 20 hours ago. Base A has a multiselect field that isn't syncing properly to Base B. In Base A, the multiselect field is 100...

struggling with 1-1 table

i am strugling to figureout how to solve a need: i have built a CRM, i have +1000 recordsone table is the company list and one is the people listthen i need to manage different campaigns related to the list of my companies as an example "fundrasising...

magafr by 4 - Data Explorer
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Extension (page designer) syncing to multiple bases

Hi All,I'm trying to sync an extension (page designer) from my primary base to another base.All of the information are reading from the primary base and been syncing to the 2nd base. I just need to reflect whatever is on the extension to the 2nd base...

Mae_Infante by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Multiple projects view

Hi! We are a small visual artist company. We work on several projects at a time, repeating tasks on different projects, like on animation video production. We don´t know wether we need to create one base with all our projects, with a table for projec...

Unsyncing Synced base (2 way sync beta solution)

Hello!  Long story short -  I'm in the Airtable 2-way sync beta -  I have many smaller bases which is synced to a main base, which is completely synced content.  This does not work with the 2 way sync (must be the other way around - one source of tru...

GXA2278 by 4 - Data Explorer
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How do view all assigned tasks from multiple bases?

Hello,our company has been playing around with airtable for our project management and tasks management. Our company runs marketing and branding for multiple brands. So we have created 1 base for each of the brands. In each base, we have multiple mar...

"Replace" local-base a table with a synced table

Hi!Before the existence of the "sync between bases" feature, I started developing a rather complex base on Airtable, that had been working wonderfuly and used by different users and teams. So for every project that we start, I create another base bas...