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Update Annual payment for each month base on conditions

I have Budget table which has cost field, variable cost, and month field (Jan to Dec). Cost field has some default amount. Variable cost field is editable which user should give some value(amount).Case 1:Cost | Variable | Jan | Feb | Mar | Apr | .......

Bharathy by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Jira integration and preserving parent/child tickets

Hi,I'm new to Airtable and using it to connect a number of various data sources, add additional data, and create custom views.  I know how to create linked/lookup fields for data I've created in Airtable, but I'm trying to figure out (essentially) ho...

joshanon by 4 - Data Explorer
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Base Syncs best practice - View for each sync or all under one?

Hey guys!Quick question on best practices for Base sync, I currently have multiple views for each base sync but wondering if it's better to have all syncs under one view.Example:Base Clients pulling from table Companies has separate views to sync to ...

cvoith by 6 - Interface Innovator
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Extra Blank Record Shows Up in Column of Synced Tab

Hello! I have a rollup column that looks fine in the original base, but when synced to another base some of the cells seems to add extra information.For example, in the original base, a cell in the column will say "Person A, Person B"In the synced ba...

Linking a Primary Field between Multiple Bases

Hi there Airtable Gurus,We have four bases in our Airtable workspace:Base A: This is a new base connected to our legacy software, which automatically adds order numbers into Base A. We want to link this base to our existing Bases B, C, and D using th...

EM_Signs by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Solution for backing up data to SQL/JSON storage

HiI am busy making an airtable for a logistics business. I think the user interface (with nested lists) and overall simplicity is really great and we can see ourself using this as our primary toolHowever I am worried about the record limits. We estim...

Synced tables not updating

I have a student financial table named OTA Financial where the OTA number and other information is manually added. That is synced with the Financial workspace tab in the student table. Then the students are connected through the OTA number in the mai...