Pivot table sum does not match grid view

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7 - App Architect

What could be causing the Pivot Table extension to have a different sum than the grid view the pivot table is pulling from?

I have a table with 35K records. Each record is tagged as an expense payment or a revenue collection. I then have a view called "Expenses" that filters for only the expense records (around 25K records). I also have a date associated with each record. I group by category in both the Expenses grid view as well as the pivot table. Since grouping by a date field in a grid view does not allow buckets like pivot table does, I have a formula field that does a grouping date string: DATETIME_FORMAT(Date, 'YYYY-MM (MMM)')

If I use the date group in the grid view, my totals for 2023-01 (Jan) in the grid are $-1,751,223.80. However the pivot table (grouped by date and bucketed by month) for 2023-01 shows $-10,121,244.13. Very different numbers.
I have found that if I filter for less records, the numbers match between grid and pivot. I also found if I change the pivot table to use the date grouping string it will match (which I can't because we want to jump between week/month/quarter/year).

So what could be causing the difference? They are both using same column to sum, they are both using same category for grouping. I checked and there is no empty cells or errors in the expenses column, and there is no error or empty cells in the date field.

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