AirTable android crash when attaching pictures + black screen issue

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Whenever I open an existing record, or start a new record, or when taking a picture, in all these cases Airtable causes the device to hang for 2-3 seconds a d the screen goes completely black and unresponsive. After that the app goes back to normal except when taking picture. When taking picture … specifically after the picture is taken the screen also goes black and when it emerges back the record shows the picture is being uploaded. However the next second the Android system message pops up telling me airtable is not responding and asking me if I want to wait for the application “get back to life or something like that”. However even before I can press wait, there is another message over that popping up saying Airtable was terminated.

Once I restart the app again, the picture is sometimes uploaded but half of the time it wasn’t uploaded.

Anybody noticed similar issue?

I don’t have issues taking pictures for other apps. It seems Airtable related.

By the way, i wonder why isn’t there a separate topic board for the Airtable mobile apps. Because I dount know where to post this. Is thus the right board?


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