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Re: Are RecordIDs safe to use as shareable unique identifiers?

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4 - Data Explorer

I’m planning to use a combination of baseID + recordID combined into a single string as a unique identifier that I want to share w/ end users to represent “ownership” of a document. Meaning, if they have the link, they can access the document.

I want to ensure that these IDs are sufficiently random enough that this sharing model is sufficiently safe, and that attackers could not predict/guess future values by inspecting these values.

Thoughts? Alternatives? Not sure if I can generate UUIDs, that would be another possible avenue I would trust for this particular use case.

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Welcome to the Airtable community!

If the document is in the base, only collaborators of the base will be able to access it. But all collaborators can access everything in the base.

As for the record ID being unique, you are safe in knowing that they will unique within a table and probably unique within a base. However you might not want to use the record ID. If you ever need to revert to a snapshot base, all of the record IDs will change. And you cannot edit record Ids.