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4 - Data Explorer

I work on an editorial team and we are trying to track links between articles on our site. Right now I am manually adding inbound and outbound links via a “link to another record.” What I’d like to do is only add outbound links and have any article that I link to as an outbound link automatically appear as an inbound link in the appropriate record.

For example, I have articles 1, and 2. I want to link to article 2 from article 1. If I add 2 into the outbound link column in article 1’s record, could I have article 1 automatically show up in the “inbound links” record in article 2?

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Hi Bri, would it be right to assume you’ve got two linked fields into the same table, Inbound and Outbound, and that each article can have multiple outbound links?

If so, the only way I can think of doing this would involve an automation running a script I’m afraid

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I need the same. From what I’ve seen in other posts, this is not possible without resorting to workarounds such as a separate table for relationships, using automation, or external add-on. It is really baffling that it is not supported out of the box.


Right, “reciprocal links” or “backlinks” for records within the same table is not natively supported by Airtable. (They only support this for links across different tables.) But be sure to send this in as a feature request to This would be a very helpful addition.