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4 - Data Explorer

Dear AirTable,

I have a database question. (I use Airtable for other things and it works very well).

I send out articles from time to time, in PDF format. I am using an Excel spreadsheet to record who I send it to, when it was sent, and what article was sent. This is all so I don’t double up and send someone the same article.

I have looked at Airtable, but I can’t see a way of doing it.

This is what I need;

  • A list of recipients
  • A total number of recipients
  • A list of articles
  • A total number of articles
  • A total number of all articles sent,
  • A total number of articles sent per article
  • The dates for each article sent

All of that info I have in the spreadsheet, but there’s only one date available for each recipient per article. For example, I can’t record more than one date for the same article going to the same recipient.

Another drawback is that adding a new article to the list, means adding two new columns, setting them up etc, etc, which is a bit time consuming. I’d love to be able to have it easier to add articles.

I would like to see a ‘report’ of;

  • List of recipients and what articles they have been sent and on what date
  • List of articles and who they have been sent to and on what date
  • Chronological date list with who has received what article
  • Searchable for dates, recipients, and articles

Any ideas?

The Excel Spreadsheet works, but it is cumbersome, and time consuming to add new articles.

Thank you!

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

Stephen Whitwell
New Zealand

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Try the following base structure:

  • Table: Recipients
    • Fields: {Lookup of the "Article" field from the Activity table}
  • Table: Articles
    • Fields: {Lookup of the "Recipient" field from the Activity table}, {Count of linked Activity records}
  • Table: Activity
    • Fields: {Date field}, {Link to Article}, {Link to Recipient}
    • Views: Grouped by {Link to Recipient} and Sorted by {Date field}; Grouped by {Link to Article} Sorted by {Date field}