Base Design for Sales Tracking (Quantity per Product per Order)

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi all,

I have built a base to track all the data related to my sales. I have the following tables, all connected with each others:

  • Orders (linked to Customers and Products)
  • Customers (linked to Orders)
  • Products (linked to Inventory)
  • Inventory (linked to Orders)

90% of my orders are including only one product.
The rest of the time, clients buy more than one product, either the same product or mixed products.
And here comes the troubles…

I don’t know how to affect the suitable quantity per product on each order I create. For now, I am only able to tell Airtable that the order X is including product A and product B but I can say for each product the quantity that is included in the order.

I assume this issue has been met and solved already since it’s pretty basic but I can’t find a decent solution to implement. So I ask you guys :winking_face:

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