Linking repeating monthly tasks from one table to Various repeating tasks in a 2nd table

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6 - Interface Innovator

I need to link two tables with moving targets…

I have a Project task table (Tasks) that is utilized to usher a client through our entire process. This table has multiple tasks that are duplicated for each client. There is a step/task in the TASK table that dictates that the project has a certain number of items updated (varies by project). These Item Updates are in a separate table (UPC TASKS). I want to join the UPC TASKS table to the corresponding task step in the primary project TASK table. How would one go about doing that? And, because that isn’t complex enough - every month, we repeat the same group of tasks for each project, to also include another round of updates to the UPC Tasks. So. How does one proceed?

My desired outcomes would be:

  1. Linking between the two tables/data sets:
    TASK table record “Keyword Insertions Complete” for Client A linked to all of the corresponding UPC TASKS for that particular month/round
  2. In the TASKS table, for the task “Keyword Insertions Complete” (see image), I want to be able to automate a process that would :white_check_mark: when all of the associated UPC TASKS for that particular client are completed
  3. That would allow me to trigger an alert to another employee that all insertions are complete

Additional Info:

  1. Each of the UPC Tasks (UPC TASK TABLE) have a primary formula field that concatenates the due date for the insertion with NAME of the item
  2. The Keyword Insertions Task Step (TASK TABLE) repeats every “x” days
  3. This scenario exists for multiple clients for over 1000 UPC’s
  4. See attached images. The first image is of the TASK TABLE, with indicators for each monthly Keyword Insertion step (which has multiple UPC Tasks to link - and will vary in number from month to month and from client to client). The second image is of the individual UPC TASKS to demonstrate the primary field name and that each month can have different items to update.
  5. Both tables have CLIENT NAME in common
  6. Each month, when all of the UPC Tasks have been :white_check_mark: as Complete, there is an automation that duplicates each completed record and renames the new record with the calculated due date for the following month.

Task Linking 1 Task Linking 2

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