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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

I have a few Airtable base architecture conceptual question:

As I understand it, Bases in Airtable can always easily be duplicated and copied by collaborators. As we are developing bases further and further, we are faced with the following:

A. Is there a way to avoid collaborators that are employees in a company, that also requires the ability to create new records and edit existing ones, from copying or duplicating our entire Bases? This is like asking to giving away the source code to any employee of ours that they can go use, share, sell to any other company. I mean more the Base design and features, less the data in it.

B. If the answer to “A’ above it a “no,” then are there tools or apps that can be like a UI on top the base, so employees cannot see the base and tables and field structure?

Best rgrds,

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Correct. There is currently no way to prevent a collaborator on the base from duplicating a base.

There are various third party portals that will let users see and edit only the data that you want them to see and edit, without the ability to duplicate your data.

@kuovonne Thank you very much for clarifying that. I now see protals, as you suggested, and and other no-code apps that interface to Airtable as solutions.