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6 - Interface Innovator

We have 2 business domains (Finance and HR) utilizing 1 Pro Account. We also have a few bases with master data that is shared across these domains (ie, associates). HR has ultra-sensitive data that they do not want anyone else to see. I’m trying to determine the best approach to keep non-HR users from seeing HR stuff.

Possible approaches:

  1. Set permissions on the HR Bases to not allow read, write or view access. Is this possible?
  2. Create another Pro Account and separate one of the domains. The new Pro Account would need to access master data in the first Pro Account. Is this possible?

Any and all suggestions welcome.

Many thanks,

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This is not possible. Airtable does not allow limiting view access. All collaborators in a base can view all the data in that base.

If you want to keep everyone in the same workspace, you can add people a collaborators at the base level instead of the workspace level. Thus people would have access to only the bases for their own domain.

If you want to keep people as workspace collaborators, you can have two workspace.

Regardless of how many workspaces you have, you can share selected data from one base to another using a synced table.

Many thanks, @kuovonne. This is helpful.