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4 - Data Explorer

I was asked to upgrade the actual my PRO plan because " Looks like one or more of your bases exceed the capacity allotted by your current plan (Pro)". When using Airtable I was checking the usage data and one moth ago, when I see I was reaching the maximum usage I delete almost 7 month of data existing inside the database and I notice that the overall space consumed have not changed at all. There is something I forgot to do or even I delete almost 70% of my data Airtable dont give more available space and I am forced to do an update?

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Welcome to the community, @Alberto_Leotta!

You should probably contact about this, and report back here with what they tell you.

Even though you deleted your data, I believe that it still counts towards your storage limits for a year so you can restore that data later if you’d like. So I think you need to contact support to permanently delete the stuff you deleted, in order to clear up space.

It would be nice if the trash can didn’t count towards our storage limits, but I believe that it does. I’m not 100% certain on this, but I think it does. Please report back here with what support says!