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5 - Automation Enthusiast

I have a base set up for the families that we support through our feeding programme. There is a tab for individuals, giving details about each person, and a tab for families, where the info common to each family is held. On the families tab, I also have a “link to individuals” column, where the base automatically lists the names of all the individuals in the household.

Using that list the base then calculates, still in the families tab, information like how many individuals are in a household, how many of those individuals are children, etc.

As we are updating our database we have found that some individuals have left the household. I would ideally like to keep their information on record, rather than deleting them. So I have created a “active/inactive” single select column for each person, under the individuals tab.

The question is, how can I configure my linked column on the families tab, such that it only picks up active individuals in each family?

I hope that makes sense. I can post screenshots if needed.

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Do you want to unlink an individual from the family once they are no longer active, or do you want inactive individuals still linked to the family but not included in your calculations?

Hmm, I think I want to have them still linked to the family but not included in the calculations.

The point of having them still linked to the family is that it will allow us to monitor how the families change over the years.

In your [Families] table, use Count field(s) with “Only include linked records from the Individuals table that meet certain conditions”, then set those conditions accordingly (i.e. {Status} = "Active", {Age Range} = “child”`, etc.)

Ah legend! Yup, that worked perfectly. Thanks so much, you’ve just saved me hours of trying to figure this out on my own!