Best way to compare values from more tables

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hello again,
need to finish this and looking for the best and robust (and easiest) way to do it:
there is table product, which contains column price
there is table invoices, which contains invoice nr, shipping note nr, product (linked from the tlable product), quantity and the invoice price
there is table shipping notes, which contains shipping note nr, product (linked from table product), quantity
there is table incoming, which conains shipping note nr, product and quantity is 1

what i want to complete is his scenario.

i write values from invoice to invoice table (1 row = 1 product)
i write values from shipping note to shipping note table (1 row = 1 product)
wait for the items…
product come to warehouse. i write into table incoming: number of shipping note, than scan ean (its part of product in table product), and then i want airtable to compare those things:
quantity of product on invoice with the quantity of same product on shipping note belong to this invoice with quantity of same product, that really come to warehouse with the shipping note,
price on invoice with price on product
when its ok (same), write 1 to some column, when not, write 0 (it can have more columns - no need to make all in one).

Long story short:
Maybe its wrong idea, but i want to control the truth of mine supplier (sometime is bad price, sometime invoice is not equal to shipping note in quantity of items, etc).
I am open to better solution or base design - what you suggest ?

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