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6 - Interface Innovator

I have created a database to collect information about students focusing on social emotional support.

In one tab, I am connecting to my students table from where I am importing all the data concerning my students.

In one tab, I am collecting information about incidents where the student has been responsible of misbehaviors, harmer by someone else or witness of misbehaviors. Each entry is one incident.

In one tab, I am collecting specific concerns requiring follow up, concern related to one specific students.

In one tab, I am collecting notes about students (note related to a specific concern or incident bu simple.ibsrrvations by the counselors that could help o understand dynamic see pattern, and start a process of support if necessary.

I have then created an application with Softr from where we can see the data or add data to the database: we can see the data for incidents in one page, the data for concerns in another one and the notes on a third one.

On AIRTABLE, when looking at the tab importing data for students, we can see a column collecting all the incidents related to student lambda where he is responsible for incidents, one column collecting the data where student lambda is harmed in incidents, one column where he is witness of incidents one column collecting all the concerns related to him/her and finally one column with all the notes. So in one line, we can see for one students all the data collected and we can click on one entry collected to see the details.

This tab is super interesting because I can see for one specific student all the data concerning this student.

However, because the data is only showing the “title” of each entry as a button to click to see more, I cannot create on Softr a page where we could find a student and see ALL the data collected in all the different tab for this student.

I would like therefore to create a new tab called ALL ENTRIES where I would populate directly the information collected in all the other tabs. For example :

When I add an entry for student lambda in an incident where i collect information in 5 different fields (column), it automatically create an entry in the tab ALL ENTRIES for student lambda and populate the 5 first columns.
When i add an entry for student lambda about a concern and collect information in 3 different fields, same thing, it create a new entry for student lambda in the tab ALL ENTRIES populating data in 3 other fields.
Same thing for notes.

So at the end I would have in one and only on tab, for each incident reported, each concern reported and each note collected an entry for student lambda where the data collected from all the other tabs will be copied automatically in this last tab

With this I could create a new page with Softr where we could search the name of the student lambda and see all the data collected about him vs right now searching the incidents, then searching the concerns and then searching the notes to see the data about student lambda

I hope this is clear ! I cannot share the data as it is very confidential.

Do you see how I could do this ?

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from your description, it’s not clear why do you need 3rd party automations. You should just add necessary lookup fields in students table. If you ‘original student table’, just create another view, hiding lookups.
The only thing that you may need to automate - to link records in other tables with students records. But it depends on how your tables filled with new data.