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4 - Data Explorer

Hi Everyone.

Quick question.. I think I already know the answer, but just double checking to make sure..

I work for a company that is starting a marketing campaign, I wanted this to include an Airtable form that customers can fill out a form for an appointment.

We have two divisions in the company and what I am looking for is to have a limit for appointments per day. So three appointment each day per division. 
I think this may be too complicated for Airtable, especially for a simple form. 


Either way let me know if there is a solution to this! 


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You could probably put together a rather complicated system.

One table with the list of appointments (Predetermined by you)

Then have a link to those records on the form. Make it so you can't link multiple records. Or better yet, condition the options to only ones with blank link fields.

Then you can add as many appointments per day and scale it however you want. The customer will have to select the one they want and are limited to what you set up.

To make this set-up more robust, you could have each appointment listed as:
"{Date} Appointment Slot 1", "{Date}Appointment Slot 2" and "{Date}Appointment Slot 3"
Without any times attached. Then use the data from the form to assign the time to the start and end times. Either through automations or manually as a "human verification" of incoming data.

I like this! Thank you for the idea. I was thinking that if I stuck with Airtable, I would end up doing something like this. I assume that I can pick something like Calendly and just link it with airtable and I would be fine