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4 - Data Explorer

Hi there,

This might be a simple question, but I'm new to Airtable so decided to bring it to the experts.

I'm building a CRM for team use. I have a masterview to the CRM and can see all people and associated companies. That said, I only want my team members to be able to see the companies/contacts I tag their name on. 

To do this, I've tagged each contact I want to be associated with a team member with that team member's name, and then created different views for each team member.

For example, let's say I have a company; Colgate, and a team member I've assigned to Colgate on my sales team; John. I would just tag John in a field I've created "Assigned to", and then create a separate view and group all of the companies John is tagged on.

Here's my question – how do I make the view private so ONLY John and I can see John's tagged companies? 

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You can't on the backend. An option is to use an Interface, give them access (only) there and use the Interface Designer permissions system.


Will try this out.