Can I set the timeline view's "minimum date" (not just jumping to a specified date)

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hello, I'm using the Timeline view with a data set that has data points starting Aug 1st 2023 and onwards.
There are no data points for the time period before Aug 1st (Jan 1- July 31st) yet these dates are available to be scrolled through.

I am aware of the date settings allowing you to jump to a certain section in a view, but I am instead looking for a solution to start the entire horizontal axis on a designated date, without having the possibility to scroll to an earlier time frame where there are no data points. 

Is there any way to hide the empty values, or set the minimum start date of the horizontal time scale of the timeline to start at a specified date? i.e. August 1 2023?

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