cannot read in manual order in scripting extension

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi community,

I have this problem : 

In a grid view, a table is sorted manually. After each opening, the order is kept.

A script fetches the records of the table, and delivers them in alphabetical order, not in the manual order.

I don't add any sort param - like 'sorts: [ {field: "someField"} ]' -

I cannot figure out a 'handy' workaround... The option to read on a sorted priority field quickly becomes tedious, time consuming, and requiers a lot of energy...

Thanks in advance if you can let me know how i can workaround this behavior.

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Might want to try view.selectRecordsAsync then

See Solution in Thread

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Hm, so you're doing view.selectRecordsAsync and you don't get the displayed order?


No since it was intended to be as 'raw' as possible, i just use 

await myTable.selectRecordsAsync...



Might want to try view.selectRecordsAsync then