Cleared browser cache and recent airtable records are now gone

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4 - Data Explorer

Today I logged in and my database was back to the way it was about 4 months ago. Many records and record changes were gone. I can’t figure out why this has happened. My only guess was it had something to do with clearing my browsers cache. However, I opened airtable in a different browser, and the lost changes were still lost there. I have a free account, so only 2 weeks of history from airtable, but when I went into history, it said there were no changes in the past two weeks and that the last sign in was like 6 months ago. That is definitely incorrect. Where has my data gone?

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You might want to check your snapshots to see if there are any backups to restore.

Otherwise, you’ll need to contact for help. This is just a user forum. Airtable support does not spend very much time here.

Post back here and let us know what they say!

Thanks, ScottWorld, I’ll email them and report back.