Collapsible fields in detail view on web and mobile app

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Hi, I would like to request allowing the fields to become collapsible in the detail view.

This is both on the web and on the mobile all.

When I click to expand the record, I get the whole view of the record and the fields expand to show all contents in the fields. While this is great, it poses issues if text in the fields is long and if there are multiple fields with long text. The same issue (even worse) is on the mobile application for Android and iOS because there it requires tons of scrolling down to get to the field I need in the record expanded detail view. 

What would help is adding a collapsibility to fields. 

I do not want to hide fields from the view but if select very long fields can be preset as collapsed, whenever I view the record, that would allow me to scroll faster and find what I need and then click to expand the collapsed field if I need. 

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I would like to also request this feature. We use many long text fields in our Airtable. The ability to collapse both individual fields and whole sections, particularly in Interfaces would be extremely helpful. We are pushing to move our team to use Interfaces rather than the data views (to minimize errors to data). Because we use so many long text fields, the Interfaces quickly become cluttered to scroll through. A field collapse would be helpful as well as the ability create sections within interfaces that could collapse!