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5 - Automation Enthusiast


I'm working with a customer who needs a general warehouse control for his business. I have created the base and all works fine. Here is my problem...

When merchandise enters his warehouse, it goes into his inventory. Currently, he adds 1 or 2 products manually in a form(Writes 1st item, clicks submit. Writes 2nd item, clicks submit). The issue comes when he needs to manually input 5+ items. 

Is there a way, a form or a template, where he can add X number of rows, click “send“ and for them to load to a page? 

*As a reference, the input is in an “inventory“ tab that is linked to: product tab, supplier tab, invoice tab.

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Hmm, does he have to do this via a form?  When those 5+ items are submitted, are each of the fields he has to key in unique or is some of the data repeated? 

If you could provide an some example form submissions that'd be useful too!

We're trying to use Airtable as the main database and use something like Glide to have an app for his employees, for now he doesn't want them to access Airtable. It does not need to be via a form, I'm also looking at them sending an email and having MAKE take the data and fill Airtable. 

The form is simple, they just choose a product from a drop-down list, quantity, and date to be delivered. When they input 2 or 3 products it's really fast via a form, but they sometimes have to add more and that's when I think they'll start complaining.