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I think I've been overthinking this and have brain freeze.

Two tables Contacts (all contacts) and Students (people who have been trained, should exist on contacts)
Both tables have email address as Primary field
Contacts has a Verification field which I want to show on the Students table for each student

I just can't figure out how to link the two tables! I did the straightforward link and nothing appears to happen

Thanks in advance

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Links don’t automatically populate in Airtable. You have to manually link them.

However, it sounds like all of your contacts should live in the same table, and then you can categorize certain contacts as students. Is there a reason you’ve separated them out?

Thanks Scott.  I did manually create the link (in Students, Link to another record, Contacts). Added a Lookup field of Verification (from Contacts)

It's a feed (CSV file from another system), figured it would be easier to just bring them in as seperate table. Could do it with Make but was trying to avoid automation unless I have to

Thanks for your help

If you use the CSV import extension in Airtable, I believe that’s the only way within Airtable to directly import data from CSV files into linked record fields.

You could also use an automation to move data from another field into a linked record field, but that could quickly eat up your limited automation runs if you have thousands of records. 

OK, thanks Scott. I'm a bit happier that I wasn't just being stupid but that seems a pretty limiting issue. I'll just do it with Make

Thanks again

Totally agree with you that it is a very limiting issue in Airtable. A major oversight, it seems.

You probably already know how to do this, but I demonstrate how to automatically import & merge CSV files into Airtable using Make here:

Yes thanks great video which I already watched. Your material is fantastic and greatly appreciated

Thanks so much, @Mike_Ball! That is so nice of you! 😀

If it's a manual one off, copying and pasting the emails into the linked field should create the link you want?  Not entirely sure what your workflow is though, apologies if I've misunderstood!
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