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HelloI have a requirement where I want to create a Unique Customer ID based on their name and an incremented numberFor example:I add a new customer "XYZ (North)" and want to generate the Customer ID XYZ001Then I add another New customer "XYZ (South)"...
HiI think I've been overthinking this and have brain freeze.Two tables Contacts (all contacts) and Students (people who have been trained, should exist on contacts)Both tables have email address as Primary fieldContacts has a Verification field which...
HelloI have two tables Customers and Orders. They both have a CustID to link the order to the customer that placed it.I need to import a CSV file to Orders and this includes the CustIDI can import as a regular field but can't figure out how to import...
HiI have two tables Customers and Orders.  They are linked on CustIDI want to be able to find the latest order date (Order Date) for each customerAny ideasThanksMike
Hi Really simple requirement but just can’t get my head round it (put it down to advancing years) I want a simple HTML and JavaScript page with a search field that just searches a particular field in an airtable table and returns results Anyone got a...