Combining two bases' worth of information for analytics

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi Airtable gurus,

I'm working with a set of bases structured in the following logic:

  • Partner base: list of partners and their metadata (e.g. legal status, primary contact, website etc.)
  • Case base: list of cases and their metadata (e.g. region, industry, case manager etc.)
  • Practice bases (multiple): combines where partners are impacting cases. (Yes ideally this would have been one master base, but for reasons outside of my control right now that is not something we can play with)
  • Case x Partner rollup: base that rolls up all the individual practice base activity

We are now trying to build a single interface that can display the partner information and to display analytics for cases by partner (and for e.g. region and industry cuts of the case activity) but I'm finding it difficult to connect back the partner base to these transactional records of 'cases x partner' so that it can be displayed in a single interface. I have tried various hacks to aggregate and send case counts to the Partner table but have yet to find a solution that doesn't require me to manually add a partner name to a field every time a new row is added to the data set.

Should we be using 2 way sync to solve for this problem? Should I be changing where the interface is pulling from (Case x Partner?) Not necessarily looking for a silver bullet, but any recommendations or ideas on how to make this the most flexible for analytics/reporting of both data sets would be very helpful!

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

An interface is built on top of a single base, so it can only use data that is in that base. Are you creating a sync table that pulls all the relevant partner data into the case x partner base (or case x partner data into the partner base)?  It doesn't need to be a two-way sync, just a new sync table.

You could even create a base that just syncs all the relevant tables from the bases you need data from and build on top of that base.