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Conditional Logic when referencing another record?

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Hey everyone,

I’m trying to find a solution or a workaround that will allow me to populate a cell with a record from another table, based on the value of another cell in that table.

Screenshot 2021-02-03 at 09.59.27

Basically I would like to populate a cell in another table with the values of “Type”, but only if the value in “Location” is Finsbury Park.

Would love some help with this.


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Populating another table is what I am really looking for as well.
If there are any new information on it, would really love to.

I tried using your concept and run it on automation. In short, it fails. In long, here’s what I did and the result.


This is the base.

And then I make a new ‘View’ (on the left side) called View - Place A only. In this case, I use 'Filters" so that only [Place A] is shown.


Then add automation, with ‘When record enter View’ as the trigger. Select the View - Place A only.


And then the Action is ‘Create Record’ in Table 4


And this is the result …


In short: Scribbles.

The logic should be right, it’s just some implementation problem. If you find out how to do it, please post it. Very interested to know as well as I am looking for similar things.