Connecting 'Booked calls' and 'CRM'

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

I have two tables: 'Booked calls' and then 'CRM'.

We are an agency that books calls on behalf of our clients. My booked calls are captured by webhook and linked to various other tables with KPIs. But now I want to build a CRM table for different clients, e.g. 'Client A CRM', 'Client B CRM', etc.

How do I create an automatic link so that records coming into 'Booked Calls' are automatically added to the relevant client CRM?

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4 - Data Explorer


You automatically link records from the “Booked Calls” table to the relevant client CRM, you can set up relationships between these tables. Here are a few approaches you can consider:

Database Relationships:
If you’re using a database system (e.g., Microsoft Dataverse, SQL, etc.), create a relationship between the “Booked Calls” table and each client’s CRM table.
Define a foreign key (e.g., client ID) in the “Booked Calls” table that corresponds to the primary key in the client CRM tables.
When a new call is booked, populate the client ID based on the relevant client.
This way, records will automatically link to the appropriate client CRM.
Webhook Logic:
In your webhook logic (where calls are captured), include a step to determine the client associated with each call.
Based on the client, programmatically insert the call record into the corresponding client CRM table.
Ensure that the client ID or other relevant identifier is included in the call data.
Automated Scripts or Workflows:
Use automation tools (e.g., Microsoft Power Automate, Zapier, etc.) to create workflows.
Set up triggers to detect new call records in the “Booked Calls” table.
Based on predefined rules (e.g., client name or other criteria), automatically create corresponding records in the client CRM tables.

I hope this info useful to you.

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Hmm, what difficulties did you face with creating a "Find Record" automation to look for the appropriate record to link to? 

If you've got one table per client, you'd need one Find Record action per client and you'd use conditional logic to determine which table to utilize perhaps?

6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

we'll set up an automation in Airtable. This involves creating a script that runs whenever a new record is added to the 'Booked Calls' table. The script will identify the relevant client from the call details and then create a corresponding record in the appropriate 'Client A CRM' or 'Client B CRM' table. By using Airtable's scripting and automation features, this process will ensure seamless data flow and accurate record-keeping across all client tables.