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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

I'd like to hire a consultant for some not too advanced work.  I see i am duplicating like crazy and wont stop long enought to figure out how to create a central record to access from other tables in a base.

First question seems very simple but....

I started a base that was simply a list of accounts with qualities.  Great.  I could sort it and view etc

Now I am adding tables as I am doing stuff in the base - and reentering each time the qualities from the original base, and - adding new qualities.

For now, I just want to have a central location from where I can reference the account qualities in different tables without manually duplicating.  This seems to be creating linked records and then looking them up.  I won't go into my frustrations with this process, but you might have already heard it all before

After that, I will have more questions, for which I will be happy to have a consultant on retainer.

I don't want anything fancy.   I do have to do this myself tho because, well, just because




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9 - Sun
9 - Sun

Hi there @hospodi ,

I could not quite get if you were after looking up values from another table or another table. Options can be following:

1) Looking up value from another table

a) simplest option - link to the record you want to look up, and add a "Lookup" field to the value you are after.
b) if there is already some common identifier between the new entry and another table - you could try to use a "Vlookup" style script to pull that value automatically

Here is an older video from my channel about it

2) Looking up value from another Base

a) simplest option - create a "synced table" to a table in the target base and apply 1 a) or 1 b) to find values you need
Also a video for that:

b) harder option - similar to Vlookup in 1b) but done via API call to another base (either via Automation or Make/Zapier) - here don't have a video , but can make one if needed 😁

Happy to help you with any custom issues you might have!