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Converting a legacy database to Airtable

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4 - Data Explorer

We think the first step is to take the current legacy database we use (Sesame by Lantica) and convert to Airtable with the proper tables and form views. Looking for someone to take ours and set this up. We have clients, new and current, who need one or multiple eviction lawsuits each year. We will then need a portal for registration and log in for new and current clients so the info that they send in populates the Airtable database and can connect to the client’s contact and create a new matter. I have screen shots and can give you the legacy database software we use.

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hi @Harry_Heist,
sounds like an interesting project! I helped several clients set up their Airtable databases to be as automatic, scalable and user-friendly as possible. I also worked at building portals connected to Airtable that enable customers to visualize their information and edit it according to their needs.
Happy to have a quick chat about the details of your project and get started on it. You can book a time at your convenience on my calendar: Calendly - Alessio Monino

Calendar: Calendly - Alessio Monino