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4 - Data Explorer

I’ve tried to search this forum for solutions, but I think I need someone to explain it to me like I’m 5. LOL

I have a list of PEOPLE that have participated in training COURSES. Each COURSE is grouped by course CATEGORY. I need to know how many UNIQUE PEOPLE have participated in each course CATEGORY.

example: Mary attended AM2 course and AM3 course in Absence Category. Need the unique count to return “1” attendee in the Absence Category.

I’ve tried the arrayjoin function and I can get the count. Can also get the count by grouping by category.

Appreciate your help!!

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

I’m not sure you really are counting as it doesn’t seem like your example will ever give you anything other than a 0 or a 1. It seems you just want to know if Mary has attended any courses in the Absence category or not.

Would a formula checking if there is an Absence category course work for you? A formula like:

IF(FIND('Absence', Category), 1, 0)

will check for the Absence category and give you either a 1 or a 0.

If I misunderstood and what you want to do is count all unique categories, then you can do a Rollover for the Categories table and use this in the aggregation formula:


and it will return a count of all unique categories.

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Thanks for your answer, though I’m not sure I explained it correctly…

Mary attended AM2 course and AM3 course in Absence Category
John attended AM2 course in the Absence Category
James attended AM1 and AM2 in the Absence Category
Mark attended PL1 in the Procure to Pay Category

Need the count to return 3 unique attendees in the Absence Category and 1 in the Procure to Pay Category.

For now, I have separate VIEWS filtered by Category to return the correct number of unique attendees.

For the purpose (and life) of this project, that’s fine for now, though not ideal.