Create a condition to colour based on infinity

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I have created a timeline that summarizes the data. Different ranges are colour coded based on conditions like less then 50 is light blue, between 100 and 200 is orange and anything above 200 is red. This means that values between 50 and 100 are not coloured.  

The values are based on calculations in the grid view and sometimes they produce Infinity. This is desired as we want them to show as infinity instead of blank when people miss doing the data entry and we find the infinity makes this very obvious in the timeline view. 

Is there a way to define a condition that when the value is equal to infinity is become purple? 

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Will setting your default color to purple work?

It is not the preferred option as then I have to set a colour for the 50 to 100 range which we wanted to leave un-coloured. We didn't want to end up with a rainbow as we find that a bit over whelming. There is no white colour just light grey. That is what we have done so far is set the 50 to 100 as light grey and then the default to purple. I was hoping there was some special coding I was unaware of that would let us directly set the colour when it equals infinity. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

I would set it over a large number like 500 or 5000.

Your current conditions will not work as expected, all values > 200 will be orange, like values > 100, because that color is first in list. You need to swap them in order to work correctly.
To mark infinity, I would add something like > 999999999 . in my opinion, it looks more like 'very big number' than the value to compare, thus identifying it's purpose. You need to put this color on the top of the conditions list to avoid the same problem as with > 200.