Create a correspondance table based on a set of criteria

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi, I’ve started to build an Airtable base in order to create a matrix that would allow our content team to know exactly what Content (eg. Article, blog post, social media post, …) to create depending on an Event (a new feature is available, there was an issue with the app, …).

The relation between Events and Content is not 1 to 1. Therefore we’ve identified a set of 4 criteria (Frequency, target, channel, location) to help us associate each Event to the appropriate Content(s).

Here is what I have so far on Airtable

  • Table 1: list of Events associated to the 4 criteria (see screenshot below)
  • Table 2: list of Contents associated to the 4 criterias (see screenshot below)
  • Table 3: list of value associated to criteria target (see screenshot below)
  • Table 4: list of value associated to criteria frequency
  • Table 5: list of value associated to criteria channels
  • Table 6: list of value associated to criteria locations


So now that I have all this ready, I’d like to either create a new table where I could see the list of Contents associated to an Event (or the mapping between event and content type based on their overlapping criteria) - see expected result below in the screenshot. I started to dig into formula but I got stuck a bit in it.


Does anyone have already build something like this before? What would be the best way?
Thanks for your help

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Hi Morgane, I don’t think I fully understand what we’re trying to do here so apologies in advance if I’ve misunderstood

In the Events table, what if we made a rollup field for each of the criteria that would display their associated Content Types values? Followed by another formula field to concatenate all of them?

Hi Adam, Thanks a lot for your answer. I gonna try out your proposition. I am actually not really familiar with the rollup field so I gonna take a deeper look into it and let you know if this works.