Linking to table with records that have identical primary fields

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Hi everyone,

This has been making my brain ache today. Having an issue with trying to link records conditionally with Webflow and Zapier integrated. If anyone has advice it’d be much appreciated.

We have a membership website built in Webflow where members can sign up for classes via a form on each class’s CMS page. Each class is created in Airtable in our “Classes” table and published to our site via Zapier. The member enters their name and email through the form, which is then passed through Zapier and on to a “Class Registrants” table in Airtable. Each form has an html embed that pulls the Class Title from the CMS as a hidden field and passes it to Zapier and Airtable. This Class Title is automatically entered into a Linked Record field in the “Registrants” table that is connected to the “Classes” table, so the class title pulled from the form matches the class title in the “Classes” table and all the relevant information for the class is gathered as lookup fields to be used for an automated registration confirmed email.

This build and setup has been working fantastically so far, but I just ran into the error this morning with two classes that identical class titles (which is the primary field in the “Classes” table). One class is in August and one is in October. When someone tries to register for the August class, the class title is passed through through Zapier and onto Airtable, but the linked record field in the “Class Registrants” table is linking to the class in OCTOBER instead of the class in August, so the member is getting the wrong dates and information in the automated confirmation email.

I am thinking I am going to need to find someway to use the Airtable record ID to clarify which class to link to, as the CMS slug for each class in Webflow is that classes Airtable ID. I have made a new hidden field in the Webflow form embed that passes this class slug/Airtable ID through Zapier and onto Airtable, however, I cannot figure out how to link a new class registration to a class from the “Classes” table IF the airtable ID from the form matches the Airtable ID from the record.

I have tried adding a step in Zapier that identifies the correct record in Airtable based on the ID before sending the record to Airtable, but I still have to link the tables via the Class Title because that is the primary field in the “Classes” table, so it just defaults to linking to the October class.

Does anyone have any idea what I can do to conditionally link from the “Class Registrants” table to the “Classes” table IF the airtable ID’s match???

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Welcome to the community, @Clymber_Marketing! :grinning_face_with_big_eyes: Have you tried making the link using the record ID instead of the field value? It’s been a while since I’ve used Zapier with Airtable, but I’m pretty sure that some systems allow either option. What’s happening on the back end is that Airtable is searching by name to find a matching record, but it’s ultimately using that found record’s ID to make the link. My gut feeling is that if you just pass the ID directly, it might just skip the search and link straight to the desired record.