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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I am trying to build something that I don't know how to build, and I think that this community can help!

I need to set up an overview of a high school advisory curriculum where I can see several grade levels at once (overview) and then units within each grade level. Then I need to be able to see how those units articulate vertically. For example, we have a digital citizenship unit in each grade level, so I need to see where it exists in the yearlong calendar (scope & sequence) for each grade level (horizontally) so that the person who is delivering that unit is not in 4 places at once. I also need to see that one topic vertically (the details for grade 9, grade 10, etc.) so that I can see how it progresses over the years and make sure we are building on what they did the previous year.

Would love to be able to chat with someone to work through this idea - just to get started with set up! THANKS!

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