Re: Create an auto-generated schedule based on team availability and sprint start/end dates

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi All,

I am trying to build out an automated(ish) roadmap and resource planning base that will schedule features based on sprint start/end dates and resource availability.

This google sheet is the auto-scheduling functionality that I am trying to mimic. The sheet takes in to account available headcount and automatically schedules dates based on availability. I’d like to accomplish something similar in airtable , but using the sprint table start and end date data to drive roadmap dates and assign features to the team based on availability. Roadmap Planning Example - Google Sheets T

The problem that I have are as follows.

  1. Automatically scheduling features based on resource availability. For example, if I’ve planned for Feature A thru E below, and need to plan for the next 5, how could I make Airtable do some based on availability.
  2. Showing overlap in availability if an engineer is double booked. If an engineer is overbooked such as Person 2 below, how can I highlight that or better yet, auto-schedule these features based on sprint start and end dates to avoid the overbooking?

The base consists of three parts:

  1. Roadmap - contains features and the allocation record that ties the feature to the engineer(s) working on the feature. Start and end dates of the features are driven based on the associated sprints.

  2. Team - All available engineers and associated feature and sprints they are assigned to based on the Roadmap and Allocation table.

  3. Allocation - Breaks down the engineer’s feature distribution by row with start and end data for each feature.

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Crickets…help me please

Hey Joe! I don’t know the answer to yours but I’ve been searching sprints and maybe you might know the answer to this – how do I change the current sprint? Is it automatic based on calendar week? or can I customize the start and end of a sprint such that my “current sprint” view changes automatically.

Is there a way to take any card that hasn’t been marked as “done” in one sprint, to carry over to the next when the current sprint is over?

Is there a way to change the cards marked as “done” into closed or archived status once the sprint is over?

Sorry not able to assist you, but thankful if you can provide any guidance.