CRM in Airtable? Really?

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi there!

i am using airtable to collect and manage various data and as a rudimentary CRM. however, i wonder: is airtable really up to the task to serve as a CRM? i really like it for the quick data entry and possibility to quickly expand and adapt. yet, i have the feeling airtable is not good enough to serve as a real CRM. for example: i want to use it on my android phone to call contacts. i don’t think it’s very user-friendly so i was thinking to link it with google contacts (as i’m working extensively in the google ecosystem with GSuite for Business).

however, linking airtable to external tools is very limited it seems, at least without coding custom api integration. notably i am using Zapier but i find there is a huge lack of triggers (as compared to google sheets): i can only push data from airtable to google contacts, and this only ONE TIME (either when a record is created, or when it shows up in a specific view) and i cannot UPDATE datasets, i.e. contacts in Google Contacts, only create them.

Am i missing something, or is data exchange of airtable with external tools really that limited? is there a best practice for using airtable as a crm?

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