CRM? Project Management? Both?

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4 - Data Explorer

Good morning, I have two small businesses that share some (but not all) of the same leads in the eldercare industry. Due to the pandemic, a lot has changes and continues to change.
In the last 8 months, I switched from a cumbersome Google sheet ‘system’ to LessAnnoyingCRM (yes - that is the name) which interfaces with Google calendar/Gmail very well for appointments and emails, but I am not managing the leads very well at all in the CRM report route.
I don’t know if I actually need project management or a CRM or both. I realize Airtable offers both. I really want ‘one-stop lead/project management’ where I can find everything in one place and be able to see the progress of leads on a chart/graph and perhaps get notified when things are due. Is that something Airtable offers? I need guidance to make an informed decision about this. Thanks.

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