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4 - Data Explorer


I am setting a “Classic” Project Management board with tables and properties such as:

    • Project
      ----- Name
      ----- Due Date
    • Stage
      ----- Name
      ----- Duration
  1. Task
    — Project (Link to Project)
    — Stage (Link to Stage)
    — Asignee
    — Stage Duration (Lookup from Stage)
    — Stage Due Date (Calculated from last modified time of “Stage” and the Stage Duration)
    — Stage Status (If Today is before Due Date → “OK”)

The main challenge I am facing is that I need to know if I am “on track” with a task or not in the OVERALL, but not sure how to do it.

How can I know if I am “On Track” at the overall stages?
For example, if my “1st Stage” was delayed 10 days, when I update the Stage field to the “2nd Stage” my calculated field will tell me “Your are ok, you still have 3 days to complete this stage” because it does not takes into account the delay in previous stages. I need to be able to see if I am on track or not along the stages move forward

Thanks in advance

As an “advanced” question, my ideal goal would be to represent the Gantt of each task by their stages, based on their predefined durations

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