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5 - Automation Enthusiast

I have recently changed to iOS from Android where I used a wonderful DB called Memento - haven’t found anything as simple or powerful in iOS yet.

I’m a flight instructor and used it to track student progress. So, I had a bunch of fields - name, address, phone, email, etc - which every student had. Then I had a tab within the record for the various certificates or ratings a student may be working toward. They may, or may not, have similarish fields to each other. But I need to separate the data out so I can click to, say, Private, or Instrument.

Can Airtable handle tabbing like this?

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Airtable doesn’t offer any custom interfaces. The only way to do something similar to what you want is with On2Air: Amplify. You may want to ask them about adding a tabbed interface.

Thanks, but, for what I need, that’s too expensive. Does Airtable do linking within a form? Like you can on a webpage using anchors? That would be ugly, but an OKish workaround.

It’s $30 per month for up to 5 bases.

No, plus Airtable’s forms are only for creating new records. They are always blank.

I don’t know if Airtable is the right product for you… it’s just a very basic product. Sounds like you need something like Apple’s FileMaker, which lets you create your own custom apps.

I think I may have found a fit in Ninox. It allows you to insert formatting/design elements such as tabs. Study for today… :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks for the input.

It sounds like you need a templating engine or a to-do list more than a general-purpose database. You could build this in Airtable (that entire app looks like it could be powered by Airtable, actually), but nothing this specific exists as of yet.

I’ve never heard of Ninox, but Notion would be a better fit for you than Airtable, especially if you don’t intend to share that data with anyone because it seems like their personal plans are pretty much unlimited in every way that matters as of a few weeks ago. If you try them out, the feature you’ll be looking for is called custom blocks.

just a side note because idk where you have gotten those screenshots but they don’t look like typical app promo shots and the seemingly legit, personally identifiable information (multiple fullName+eMail+phoneNumber combos) suggests you might want to take them down unless I just fell for some AI-generated mock-up trickery.

The screenshots are from a fake record I made up in an Android based app called Memento. Wouldn’t put out real info, but good call.

Well then, respect for going the extra mile and making them believable haha.