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Due date based off meeting date

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I need to set a Due Date based off the meeting date which would all live in the same row.

For example, if the event date is 7/29/21 and the task is due 10 days before the even I would need the due date for this task to auto-populate 7/19/21.

I have tried using the DATE ADD function but this only allows the same number of days for the whole row. I would need a different formula used in each row since every task has different timelines.

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Then you should have a column for {Number of Days} so each record can have differing values, and adjust your formula for the due data to be

DATEADD({Event Date}, {Number of Days}, 'days')

Great, thank you so much Kamille! It looks like when I do this it is subtracting one from the due date. For example, when the event date is 7/29 and I leave number of days blank it calculates the due date at 7/28. Also if I put 1 in the Number of Days field it is calculating 7/29 the same day. Is this how it should be working. Ideally when I put 1 in the number of days field I would like it to add one day to the event date.

Turn off “use same timezone for everyone” or whatever its called in the field’s formatting settings.

Great, the worked perfectly! Thank you very much :slightly_smiling_face: